Conference Details



The importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Education has been emphasised in numerous government policies in Canada, USA, Australia, China and elsewhere. Schools and universities together with some businesses and industries are promoting and delivering STEM objectives.

The Third International Conference of STEM in Education creates an opportunity for educators and researchers from schools, universities, businesses, industries and other private and public agencies to share and discuss their innovative practices and research initiatives that may advance STEM education.


STEM Education and our Planet: Making Connections Across Contexts


  1. Innovations in STEM Research
  2. Integration in STEM Through Innovative Technologies
  3. Innovations in STEM Education
  4. STEM Education for Sustainable Development
  5. Interdisciplinary Approaches To Popular Science Education
  6. Innovation and Practice of STEM Education
  7. Learning Science for STEM Education
  8. Learning Mathematics for STEM Education
  9. Curriculum Theory and Development in STEM
  10. Educational Philosophy and Theory about STEM
  11. Educational Policy, Leadership and Management for STEM
  12. Rural Education and STEM
  13. Special Education and STEM
  14. Educational Technology in STEM
  15. Teacher Education and STEM
  16. Comparative STEM Education
  17. Other STEM Education Related Topics.


The conference will create opportunities for:

  1. Information and knowledge sharing through paper/poster presentations, symposia, workshops, and innovative showcases;
  2. Modelling effective pedagogical practices while enhancing content knowledge;
  3. Sharing research initiatives and outcomes;
  4. Professional development for educators in a range of educational contexts; and
  5. Networking between participants.


Teachers, academics, education officers, industry partners, postgraduate and undergraduate students. The conference will be capped at 350 participants.